💄Mac vs Maybelline💋

MAC: Saint Germain, Girl Next Door, and Razzle Dazzler


Dear Diary My Mac Fav’s!

Maybelline: Make Me Pink, Ruby Star, and Pink Pop


Dear Diary My Maybelline Fav’s!

👗A Mommiez Fashion Diary🍼

Lipsticks  are like a lips wardrobe.  I don’t ever try to go out without lipstick. Its like going out without clothes.  I usually try to cover them up even if it’s a naked color. I tend to keep up with the latest lip attire.  MAC is chic, and trendy a color that Pops even at its surrounding.  Maybelline a smooth ride, a color at its most simplicity stage.  Meaning what is a Mommiez new match tends to be a Mommiez must buy.  I have from affordable to my beloved name brands.  I must say Dear Diary I do love Mabelline  for affordable and I am obsessed with my name brand MAC.  However,  Diary I do see a baby growing only in my makeup vanity.




  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    I love MAC lipstick…so many pretty colors!

    – KW

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