Mommiez Fashion “Rachel Zoe”

Rachel Zoe

👗A Mommiez fashion diary🍼

Oh Dear Diary, I was able to watch the new 2013 Sonny & Cher. Instead of pop and rock its fashion. An unbelievable designer, business women, and especially an amazing influence to Mommiez. Yes let’s talk Rachel Zoe! We tend to over stress and dramatize the smallest struggle, but if you watch Rachel Zoe she demonstrates what true passion is.  Remember we are women which means, drama and determination is our nature.  Her clothing launch was like giving birth to literally a baby.  Not being prepared for whats to come.  Oh Dear Diary, it’s like butterflies that amazing feeling of accomplishment.  So why not Mommiez overcome our insecurities and go for our dreams.   Why not modern with a twist of sophistication. Rachel Zoe  inspires Mommiez to be able to dream. Chic Mommiez is what I call her clothing line. From comfort to appealing is what she presented. Therefore, Rachel Zoe that was major!


Near by stores that have the Rachel Zoe’s collection are: Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Saks fifth Avenue.

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