Buns Why Not

Little Miss FashionistaIMG_1351

Oh Dear Diary lets talk buns, yes mommiez not the ones that we are wiping. The ones that we are styling.  As the spring comes closer I tend to still love pulling my hair back.  Why not call it our own little creation and have a messy, or even a classy bun.  It’s the best way to style your hair when you go out with the little one’s and making sure you don’t have a bad hair day.  So big foreheads or not bun’s are in.  Making it a day’s hairdo becomes a mommiez creation. I do love creating my curls even the pin straight hair styles.  So why not go out and buy an affordable sock bun from any drug store or even one of my favorite’s H&M.  Oh Diary, I must say the bun has stolen my heart.  Why not feature that gorgeous face and especially that extraordinary contour!  Most of all my Dear Diary readers the higher the bun the closer to heaven.Sock bun H&M

Dear Diary, the key when going out with my little Angel!


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