A New type of Runway! Versailles Romance Collection by L’Oreal

Oh Dear Diary, finally I could say that I have fallen in love with a new type of runway.  My nail polish really creates it’s own runway.  From different colors every season my nails are defiantly sporting the latest look. Versailles Romance Collection!  Brilliant is what I label L’Oreal products. Pastel colors are a spring’s new movement.

Versailles Romance Collection from L’Oreal has crafted new pastels that can be exhibited with an everyday look. I would not be able to predict what the fantastic L’Oreal line will create next.  At the moment I could only describe L’Oreal products becoming a Mommiez fascination.

From your most darkest and deepest colors L’Oreal has managed to bring out an amazing new color line. From lipstick’s to nail polish L’Oreal has captivated my Mommiez attention. So why not! Dear Diary, make it part of your look and play around with the selection of colors.

Spring is here and these colors are really bringing out a stunning look.  L’Oreal has startling products that can impress Mommiez like myself to create new expressions.  Dear Diary readers, begin to spoil in the most creative way.  Create new looks, and explore with the new Versailles Romance Collection.


  1. Pastel loreals!!!!

  2. loooove them! have the light pink lipstick :’,)

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