L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Carbon Black


Oh Dear Diary I can’t even deliberate on going out without mascara it should be prohibited.  Yes making sure that my Mommiez lashes make me look wide-awake is ideal.  I’m guilty for spending money on your most exclusive brands of mascara.  I incline to think that the pricier it is the better results you will get, but not in this case.

Photo on 3-22-13 at 11.59 AM #2

I have a long ongoing obsession with my L’Oreal Telescopic mascara.  Since days with distinctive mascaras, I can say that this one has the lead in my heart.  I adore the attentive expression that it gives you. Precisely for those occasion that all my beauties and Mommiez attend.  Mommiez always happen to look exhausted and need a little bit of highlight during the day so why not purchase mascaras that will give you that effortless appearance.


You will be mesmerized on how long and engaging your eyelashes look.  I have been on a long search to find a new affection and yes it’s the one and only L’Oreal Telescopic.  The Telescopic mascara has touched me on another level it has conquered every little detail that mommiez like myself need to look the part.  I love the fact that it can be removed so easily and yet again stay on during a long mommiez day.  My Dear Diary readers go out and experience this creative invention for your everyday look.


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