💁Pampering Not Diapers👶

Oh Dear Diary, Lets talk pampering not diapers. I love a day out with my favorite cup of Starbucks coffee and getting pampered at the beauty salon.  I really appreciate a little alone time without the little angels running everywhere. A day at the salon ladies only means dying those roots, new styles, and definitely some glam.  I get it no one likes the bleach tingling; sensation or the dryers, but pain is beauty. Mature gossip is definitely needed with the addition of a well-intentioned scalp massage.


My Boys!
Josiah A. Perez with
A Mommiez Fashion Diary (Yessenia Ramos)
and Jayden A. Perez

Finding the right ambiance is no longer an easy assignment.  To be sincere I have been to numerous beauty salons and my hair has been beat-up beyond belief.  Till I was finally led to Glow Lounge Beauty Salon located in 473 McBride Ave, Paterson NJ a place that Mommiez and my beauties are welcomed with great service. I can’t imagine going somewhere else any longer.  I would hate to go back to the days of paying someone who has no indication of what they are doing.


Glow Lounge Beauty Salon

I have grown to adore my blonde hair.  I truly appreciate the great creativity that my hair stylist Yaniris puts into it. Fashioning is a new way to styling knowing that I’m in good hands only allows me to have a relaxing morning.  For the loves in my life I arrive home stressed free with a new artistic glow.  Styling perception for us Mommiez is called fast and easy.  Being able to come out glamorous is the strategic move that we all need. Trying to reach above the clouds and outshine you in a style that only love can be uncovered.


A Mommiez Fashion Diary (Yessenia Ramos)

Dear Diary readers today I have fallen in love all over again with my blonde hair color which means I will be covering my Mommiez summer days as a blonde!

Photo on 3-21-13 at 2.28 PM #2

A Mommiez Fashion Diary (Yessenia Ramos)

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