A Mommiez Fashion Diary Meets Renne Kheya Makeup artist to the lovely Shahs of sunset Jessica Parido Get to know tricks that can make any woman stand beyond flawless

Renne Kheya (Makeup Artist) With Shahs of Sunset Jessica Parido

Renne Kheya (Makeup Artist) With
Shahs of Sunset Jessica Parido

Oh Diary I had the pleasure to meet makeup Artist Renee Kheya.  Renne Kheya is the “Go To” artiste who is evolving into one of the ultimate makeup designers. She has been submerged into the world of hair and Makeup since upbringing creating hundreds of looks on both east and west coast since the age of sixteen. Beginning her profession at the age of 16 she received an opening to work behind a beauty counter employed for lines like Chanel, Christian Dior, Lancome and many more. Plunging her foot in the cosmetic industry gave Renee a venture to see what the industry’s tips and tendencies were on the runway captivating that makeup is more than the label.  Which celebrity is wearing what and what makeup techniques are displayed. Over the years she mastered her own skill of artistry with her critical eye in the art of beauty. She has definitely set herself at the top of her game by grasping all ends of the beauty industry. Renee has full-grown confidence in what she does creating a broad variety of looks transitioning you from a walk in the park to a night on the town. She continues to develop her craft and is always looking for new innovative ideas and techniques to share with her clients. Lights, Camera, Action….

How did your passion for makeup start? 

Since I was a little girl I grew up seeing my father style, he was a hair dresser.  I was basically surrounded by design as a baby.  My passion for beauty became infinite.

How does it feel to be Jessica Parido makeup artist from the hit show Shahs of Sunset?

It was an honor to work with Jessica Parido she was lovely beyond imagination.  She is beautiful inside and out which is an amazing characteristic to have.

Where have you received your proficiency form to reach the level you are in now?

I consider myself a self-made artist, I will say that I have followed in the footsteps of my dear father. I have dipped my foot in many cosmetic lines over the years managing lines like CHANEL, DIOR, AND LANCOME.  I have been able to receive great feedback from the vendors.  I can say that I have learned factual tips on specific products.  If asked I can give specific product suggestions to my clients.  I consider my talent God-given and throughout I have learned to master my art.

In a world full of Celebrity clientele how do you describe being surrounded by them?

It’s an inspiring feel to be surrounded by my celebrity clientele, and a very humbling experience as well.  It’s like a mirror and I’m blessed to see it.  To me my clients are all individuals limelight or not they are so very real and live day by day just like you and I.

What is something you have absorbed about the makeup industry and how have you grown?

I love the question… I’ve absorbed it all and in every aspect of the industry. Being behind the scenes or first hand sculpting faces for my beauties such as Jessica Parido from Shahs of Sunset has given me a better understanding on the business side of the industry. It’s not about which celebrity is wearing what or what the #1 selling product is. It’s about what works for you and your own skin type.  I’ve grown to understand that the makeup world is one of the biggest industries out there and if you don’t find an expert who can guide you in the right direction than it’s like watching woman running around lost in a candy store.

What has been a beauty secret that you have learned?

My biggest beauty secret that I have learned is making sure you are using the right skin care.  In order to have the flawless Celeb skin that we all look for you will need to treat your skin with the right skin care to allow the makeup to be applied evenly.

After learning the trade of makeup what tips do you give Mommiez like myself  that are on the go?

Less is more Ladies! You don’t need to feel intimidated by all the steps that go along with a full face of makeup.  To get a fresh face all you need is 5 simple steps.

1. Fill in those brows.

2. Cover the imperfections with some concealer for any discoloration around the eyes.


4. Contour your face with some bronzer.

5.Kiss your lips with some nude lip gloss and wallah!!

Beauty at it’s best in 5 easy steps.

What should Mommiez and my beauties always have in their beauty bag?

Hypnose Drama Mascara by Lancome.  It instantly adds fullness and volume to your lashes.

What is your description for fashion mixed with beauty?

Beauty comes from within than fashion seals it with a kiss.

Upcoming projects future events that we should be on the lookout for?



Where can we locate you?



Shahs of Sunset Jessica Parido

Shahs of Sunset Jessica Parido

rr2Oh Dear Diary readers live life to the fullest and dream big till accomplished.  Never look behind look forward for gratification.

Renne Kheya ( Makeup Artist)

Renne Kheya ( Makeup Artist)

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