Kyrzyda Rodriguez behind the scenes as a Stylist and a Mother ready to conquer the world

I was born in Dominican Republic grew up in Paterson, NJ.   My home I would describe as a modern household attending  private schools with my brothers.  I have always loved fashion.  I use to always venture out into my brother’s room and grab his brush and use it as my  microphone as if I had my own talk show.  I called it Mrs. Linda Brauns.  I gravitated to having my own show because I use to watch Christina’s talk show one of the most watched television interviewers on Univision.   I grew up wanting to be an actress due to the middle class family I grew up in my dreams took second base school was essentially a priority.  So for a minute I stopped dreaming.  I eventually graduated continued into college and at age 18 I had what I consider my greatest accomplishment my daughter.  I thought that my life was complete instead I became a single mother.   Being a single mother was not an easy task you love hard, but you work even harder.  My mother was my angel who helped me with my daughter and showed me how to love.  I have given my daughter what I consider a great life with her upbringing and education.  She lived with my mother who helped me tremendously, but the love that I missed out on I punish myself for.  However becoming her provider has motivated me as an entrepreneur.   Last year I had the opportunity to meet with the Glam Network producers of Style Network.  I played the role of Alexa Prisco (Glam Fairy) assistant as myself Kyrzyda Rodriguez.  I thought that the television world was full of glitz and glam instead it’s long hours and commitment.  I was working with a crazy schedule that didn’t allow me to think, as soon as I looked at a fashion piece that I selected the night before everything would change.  I would think I look the part so I needed to act the part.  My self-esteem is built by feeling good about myself.  Coco Chanel stated we have a date with destiny so why not look the part.

Can you describe what it was like being part of the Glam Fairy show as Alexa Prisco’s assistant?

I thought it was super cool.  I felt blessed everyday for the amazing opportunity. Everyone was a little bit distant questioning who’s the new girl.  Eventually they welcomed me; we became a very close cast because we worked long hours everyday.  Everyone was so different and I was the only Latina in the crowd.  I recall memories of Jessica Romano playing around with me about my Latina accent.  At times I would even question myself and ask,  “What I’m I saying”.

Glam Fairy

Glam Fairy

Have you stayed in touch with anyone from  the Glam fairy cast?

I stayed in touch with Victoria Doroshenko, and Jessica Romano, the rest of the cast members I communicate through events or on Instagram.  Jon Kutlu is always going to be my crazy fun friend.  I really also love Olivia Blois she is amazing.  With Alexa I have tried to reach out especially after the birth of her baby and wishing her the best. I wish them all the best even if we are not working together anymore.

What did you learn as a Women from shooting Glam Fairy?

I can say that I learned the definition of love.  Believe it or not there were many times that I found myself on set and just thinking.  How important it was to have partner that would support you.  I was alone during the filming time I had not meet Edwin yet.  Alexa had her husband and he would just say something to her and it seemed to encourage her.  I was my own motivator. A support system is so important at the time my uncle Willy was ill and all I had my cousin Maria Rodgriguez.  My cousin was my greatest cheerleader even with her father being so ill.  As soon as the show finished my uncle passed… RIP tio Willy.

Share with me one accomplishment that you have since shooting the Galm Fairy?

Being the only Latina in an American show.  I’m Hispanic and I have achieved one of my dreams.

How did your admiration for fashion start?

Watching Sex and the City with Carrie Bradshaw.  Wearing amazing dresses in the middle of New York City.  She ate McDonald’s with an Oscar De la Renta dress.  If I were to see Sarah Jessica Parker I would say thank you.  You inspired me to wear anything that was not allowed during the day to not caring and loving the art of fashion.  That’s when I started to buy all these dresses and I decided to call my self LoveNDesses.  Love represents that love that we are all trying to find within ourselves.  Dresses because that is what I have the love for right now.


Share with me your fashion sense and some of you favorite stores to achieve a great look?

I’m a little crazy I love to mix patterns.  I don’t like to be trendy I describe my style modern with a twist of vintage.  I don’t go for a style that only last one year.  I love Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Urban Outfitter, Dear Hanna, Gypsy Warriors, Dor L’ Dor, Once Upon A skirt, and forever 21. I look for pieces that I would be able to style five years down the line.  Trendy to me is today fashion is forever.


Future goals projects that we should be on the lookout for?

God willing I want to go into the blogging world.  Mixing fitness with fashion. I did start the 50 squats per day and it really works.  I would talk about fitness because you have to look good before you can become your own fashionista.  Encouraging women to exercise would allow them to feel a little bit more comfortable in what they choice to wear.  I don’t want to be your trainer I want to uplift women and mothers.    I will just incorporate daily routines and empower women.  I want to eventually go to Paris and Brazil to style in some of the greatest places.

What is one fashion piece you can’t live without?

I can’t live without a lot of things I can’t live naked… but I can say it’s my Telescopic Mascara.  The first thing people look at is your eyes.  Good mascara is key even from your drugstore, or you can splurge on your name brands.  At the moment the telescopic is my preference.

What is your parenting advice?  

Make sure to raise your child with love and try to always be there because you can never take back those absent moments.

What are some suggestions for Mommiez like myself for Mother’s Day weekend?

I think that Mommiez are always on the run so a Maxi dresses is perfect for the summer.  Included with flats or a colorful heel.  Always be comfortable dress to the occasion.


What is your description for Fashion mixed with beauty?

Fashion is a way of expressing yourself .  It’s within you the power that signifies you.  Fashion builds me so that’s when my beauty comes out.  My daughter Kiandra is my fashion creation.

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