Daily Fashionista held a shopping event in Little Town NJ with The Nomad Truck Wandering Fashion Boutique

Oh Dear Diary from selecting stylish strollers to on the road fashion designs.  Jessica Goldenberg is the owner of the marvelous The Nomad Truck. This truck is not and ice cream truck for the little ones instead it brings actual designer pieces that are one of a kind for fashion lovers like myself.  A walk in the park is no longer a time to have a great view it can also become a time to shop.  The Nomad Truck travels all over the NJ permitted areas.  Jessica can be found at street fairs, music festivals, and the streets of Hoboken, NJ.

A Mommiez Fashion Diary (Yessenia Ramos) Jessica Goldenberg

A Mommiez Fashion Diary (Yessenia Ramos)
Jessica Goldenberg (Owner of The Nomad Truck)

Jessica has created a women dream we always take a walk in the park or stroll the little one’s so why not do both shop and entertain.  Jessica has made it possible to host private events for you and your friends.  In my opinion Mommiez and my beauties really need traveling designs that can be reached for upcoming shopping occasions.   Creative yes!  I love the whole bohemian look.  The Nomad truck really has the look appeal that everyone is looking for. Jessica has succeeded to add from vintage to your modern-day looks.   Jessica loves to hand-pick everything herself she doesn’t shy away from creative local designers including etsy.com.  I have really fallen head over heels over the great closet look and the homemade designs.

IMG_2746 IMG_2739 IMG_2743 IMG_2719 IMG_2723 IMG_2740

You can shop in the Nomad truck and feel inspired to try everything on.  Trust when I say it’s like trying on clothes in you favorite boutique. The best part is that everything is under $100. The only difference is this one can actually relocate near you.  With a busy following and with an incredible host like Dana Prigge (Daily Fashionista) Jessica has made one on her dreams come true.  So why not shop with the delightful cupcakes by Hudson Cakery.   A Rainy day did not interfere with shopping that was the only thing in our minds.  So I can say that I have become obsessed with her devotion as an entrepreneur to dream big and travel through any obstacle.

Dana Prigge;Brittany Connors; Jacinda Carlisle; Jessica Galfo ( Daily Fashionista)

A Mommiez Fashion Diary (Yessenia Ramos)
Dana Prigge; Brittany Connors; Jacinda Carlisle; Jessica Galfo ( Daily Fashionista

Live out loud, dream with no fear.  This is the description of a women who believed in her dreams no matter what the road ahead would lead her too.  Remember failure is no option paint your own path.

A Mommiez Fashion Diary (Yessenia Ramos)

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