💋My Addiction to Dior💋


My Dear Diary, motivation comes from within originality is displayed.  Becoming your own superior is always an aspiration come true. Regional Makeup Artist Nick Caridi is living his vision today.   I was one of the lucky Mommiez to become a part of his art.  I was transformed from a Mommiez typical makeup day to a flawless night out.

Tricks are not only for magicians they are very well-known in the Make-up artist industry also.  Nick has traveled the world of Malls and has learned the different arts of Make-up.  From country to country he describes Make-Up artist not always being given a title and have so much talent because they have created a unique way of applying Make-Up.  Nick didn’t shy away he showed me some  incredible tips, and manifested his great talent.  Nick applied the Make-Up with great technique and a master at his talent.

👀 With a Napkin cover your eyelid and apply Mascara to give it the Long Lasting look

🙌 A Spoon gives you that clean fine line that gives your eyebrows that shape you need.

✨Want a summer Glow add Sparkle to your Crème

👙Rub it everywhere and that Glow you need for the summer is instantly flawless.

Addict to Mascara Dior DiorShow
I have always overheard countless things about Christian Dior’s DiorShow Mascara. It has a great consistency, not overloading and not dull, which means applying is tremendously stress-free and certainly doesn’t create clumps.  Additionally, the brush is full-sized with old-fashioned bristles.  So why not go out and try an Award Winning Mascara.

Eye Shadow Christian Dior Couleur Designer All-In-One Artistry-Amber Design 708
I love the faultless movement of the eye shadows.  I think that the colors are phenomenal and I love the shimmer that is in this palette.   You can create number of looks from neutral day look to Smokey night look.

Dior Crystal Addict Gloss 
A hot pink color that needs to be added to my Mommiez Vanity as we all know I love my pinks.  The precise shade apparently changes to your body chemistry isn’t that what we are all looking for something that is unique and made just for us.

Purposes are no longer measured in the moment the are to be reached and strive for until you accomplish so make sure to give yourself a little bit of credit.  Nick Caridi stated, “Have fun it’s not brain surgery get creative, malls have become my playground to learn new techniques.”  Become your own artist not a reflection of someone else.

A Mommiez Fashion Diary (Yessenia Ramos) Nick Caridi Regional Makeup Artist Chris (Beauty Stylist)

A Mommiez Fashion Diary (Yessenia Ramos)
Nick Caridi Regional Makeup Artist
Chris (Beauty Stylist)

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