👙Revealing your beach physique👙

Oh Dear Diary, summer is here no more gravitating towards those carbohydrates.  Water is a must for all my beauties.  I complain about workouts all the time seriously I tend to think that sitting on the couch I will tune up but guess what my beauties that is not true.   If you are on camera like myself your imperfection with become beyond noticeable to you.  I was recently asked to be part of the Telemundo Buenos Dias NY.  Styled by the lovely Kyrzaida Rodriguez for a beach mix matching look.

I can say that I like being my own stylist but having someone else style you is also a perk.  In this case I felt as if I wasn’t’ camera ready I ran to my mom and even my sister for advice.  Even questioning if I should do it or not. Trust me fear cannot get in the way of what you believe in.  Fear is not an option in this Mommiez world.  Being comfortable in your skin is one of the most satisfying feelings.  Surrounded by models can sometimes make you feel a little self-conscious.  Having fun with it only rewards you. Makeup by Saneddie Carty  just enhanced everyones beauty.  Seeing these gorgeous models like Suheyla Star wearing a 2 piece by H&M bikini and Darki Cepeda wearing a one piece by Valery’s Bathing Suit.  Made me see their passion for what they do.  They came to light as soon as the camera turned on.

Accessories are a must this season for the reason that having my little ones as my own accessories adds to my Mommiez running around.  So I love to try to wear something flattering and having knowledge of what type of swimwear is the right one for my body.  Make sure to cover imperfections and enhance the beauty.  Summer is here for you to enjoy and make sure that you are no longer in the winter time zone.  Trust me a pair of fashionable shades and even some bangles gives you the look of glamorous without trying.  Wedges and cover ups are definitely a summer trend so make sure to mix and match for your Bikini body.  Explore your body and design it like your own piece of art.

My Dear Diary readers, Summer is not here for long so enjoy everything about it.  Play if you want scream if you want, and most of all dance to your own tune.  Uplift those insecurities and realize that you are that beauty that stares back at you in the mirror.

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