🎈Fashion mixed with my own creation🎈

Oh Dear Diary, the moment the doctor tells you are pregnant is the second that a new life style begins.  From your eating ways to your outlook in life nothing will ever be the same.   I always thought that babies grew on trees, Oh boy! I was wrong. It takes 9 months to conceive and within those 9 months you fall in love with what God has blessed you with.  With every new trimester you enter you feel something new like a movement, a kick, or even hiccups.  Finding out the sex of my baby surrounded by my loved ones was an incredible experience.  It’s a boy! I cried out of excitement because I was giving the love of my life his first boy.  In addition my father was going to have his first grandson.

My first baby Jayden Alijah Perez was born June 12, 2008 at 1:03 am 7lb 4oz.  I was in labor for 21hrs yes crazy!  I thought I was never going to have him until those last minutes when everyone starts to walk in for preparation.  I will say that my pregnancy was no walk in the park. I was on bed rest and very uncomfortable.  However, as soon as you have your baby in those arms nothing seems to be important you just forget about all that pain you had.  In my opinion holding your son or daughter for the first time is an irreplaceable life changing moment.  Jayden is one of my biggest accomplishments. Little toes… Little fingers.. everything was specially made for me to melt away.  With that being said today my baby boy turns 5 years old and I’m the proudest mother in this world.

No one prepares you for how much your life changes with the birth of a child.  I think we are just molded to love.  I went from sleepless nights to sending him to time out.  My baby boy is getting older and speaking wiser words to me than any friend could.  I love my life but most of all I love celebrating every year with my prized possession.  I can attend anywhere in the world but my biggest event is aside from someone who looks at me with no weaknesses and loves my unconditionally.  Happy Birthday to my beautiful son Jayden Alijah Perez!

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