👗A day Under the sun in a Fashionistas life🍼

Oh Dear Diary, it feels like my favorite season.  Time flies and you have to make sure to own today consider yourself honored.  To be surrounded by the beauty that you create.  Wanting to dream and make a path for your legacy can become gratifying.  I tend to call myself a dreamer but wanting to inspire the next believer.  Trust when I say winter caves me in but summer makes me feel like I can fly.  The right dress inspires me to run around and be comfortable in my own skin.  Inspired to whisper my fashion for love in anyones ear who would just hear.

The little ones want to run everywhere. I feel like the refreshing pools are my best friend.  To be able to run outside with your little angels you need the right tools for you and the cuties.  A must have for me is the perfect dress.  A summer dress allows you to run around everywhere and be very comfy. For my boys I can’t go out without styling them with my summer favorite clothing store Gap that I live for.  I swear they have the cutest things for boys and girls trust me when I say if I had a credit card at their age  I would want to be to be styled by Gap clothing too.

I’m flabbergasted with every maxi dress that is displayed and every cute little swimwear outfit that’s is out for my boys.  So always make sure that you have the right tools such as Sunscreen, Bobble Water Bottle a reusable bottle that filters as you drink and most of all Hats to cover their face from any sun just because you don’t want any burns especially to their face.  Apply the sunblock on heavy; making sure every part of your little ones body is very well coated. Make sure to apply to the most known areas that get burned such as the ears, neck, shoulders, nose and back. Certain sunscreens have a bright hint once you apply eventually fades away which allows you to know what areas you have covered and what additional areas need a little bit more sunscreen.  Always reapply don’t trust anything that states 8 hrs protection because trust me that’s not true.  It only applies to someone who will remain still throughout the day.  As we all know the little ones run everywhere.  So make sure to apply every 2 hours whether you are in the beach or not kids skin is so prone to sun burns.

My Diary readers, just make sure to love every little activity that you decide to do.  Always remain careful and protect your body as much as you protect your little babies. Never look back and think I should have look forward and say I did.

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