Bikini Fashion Week 2013 hosted by Rich Valdes and Social Magazine at BOA lounge in Hoboken

Oh Dear Diary, Private and Exclusive are my kind of events filled with thrill in the prodigious town of Hoboken.  BOA Lounge was the place to be this past Saturday Maserati Bikini Fashion Weekend 2013 (  The Red Carpet was filled with celebrities, eccentric to best describe event. Produced by Rich,, and sponsored by Ferrari/Maserati of Central Jersey (NJ  If you wanted some live music and elite Fashion, BOA Lounge had it all. No words can describe the atmosphere but I can say that through me you will get the impression as if you were sitting front row.


So why not add a man’s true love his toys.  Maserati, Ferrari, Bentley, Mercedes, Ross Royce were some of the exclusive cars displays in front of BOA Lounge. Eye dropping fashion and lavish cars. Every car had a its own show with a sex appeal that would just make you go straight to Ferrari-Maserati dealership in Central NJ and indulge a little bit. By adding four shoes for any man and summer bikinis for my ladies. Celebration of fashion was created to come to life through this event. I must say Rich Valdes made sure that he had every celebrity come out and embrace the true fashion for men and women.  Fashion lives in any women’s soul so why not intensify with NYC/ International designers showcasing their summer collections.

Wine by Chic and Latidos De Vino ( was delightful and Caliente a necessity for any occasion.  The night couldn’t go out without the tasteful wines that made the night drive smooth.  Isabella’s Creations ( were passed around delicious deserts.  Trust when I say your mouth-watering! Fashion was put on a higher standing due to who added a mixture of refinement and excitement.  The models walked the runway with poise and style displaying the gorgeous bikinis.  I will say that these designers have made designs for a hotter summer.

My Diary readers, Red Carpet interviews to celebrating a remarkable night.  I was honored to interview for Social Magazine beside wonderful celebrities.  I will say that manifesting life brings the best in you. Your courage is displayed for the world to captivate so like I always say make your wishes come true today and create your story for tomorrow.  Celebrate big and create memories as if they were your last words.  A Mommy like myself is making a wave so lets indulge into life.

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