🗽Happy Birthday America🇺🇸 Let’s celebrate in style Red💋White🎂, and Blue 💙


A Mommiez Fashion Diary (Yessenia Ramos)

Oh Dear Diary, Happy 4th of July to all my beauties.  This holiday brings BBQ and definitely in style.  Red, White, and Blue are eye-catching colors that can complement anyone.  I love how Red, White or Blue can stand-alone with accessories and sparkle.  I love to add pops of color to my style so why not add RiRi Woo a summer red lipstick.  I choose to wear a laced blue dress from BeBop a Macy’s collection dress.  With gorgeous silver leather Badgley Mischka shoes that were on sale that I needed in my life.  For accessories I wanted a chunky necklace that would give it that chic look without going to far from Forever21.  I couldn’t leave my house without my gorgeous Pandora good luck charm.  I can tell you everyone believes in something bringing them fortune so for me this piece given to me by my gorgeous Cutiez and their daddy is irreplaceable and it creates the best in me.

Holidays make Mommiez like myself go a little crazy.  I love to embellish my house as if it’s a live event where everyone will see the beautification. Trust me I love styling my Cutiez, and myself but I also enjoy having a festive looking house.  I enjoy the weekend before the holiday shopping at Homegoods one of my favorite stores.  Seriously they have everything that you need to style a home or an apartment.  I always say give me a blank paper and in return you will receive a unique styled by me (A Mommiez Fashion Diary) book.  Fashion is known for creating to me it’s a lifestyle.

Enjoying my family moments becomes gratifying and you build so many memories that can only be locked into your heart. NYC is a must go for the fireworks believe me you get a little taste of everything.  I love to experience the city as an open canvas so why no enjoy it with my dear family.

My Diary readers make sure to keep the little ones appreciating every second, as they grow older.   They will only have what you teach them and grow to teach your words of wisdom.  As they make a birthday wish every year the 4th of July reminds us that America instills believe in liberty to a promising vision.

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