Jumpsuit for a Mommiez Summertime

Oh Dear Diary, I always tend to create a look that reflects what the occasion is and I love to play around with different styles even if at times is a little daring.   I think that outrageous is what makes us unique and stand out without any judgment over ourselves.  I have become a big believer of whatever you speak into the universe positive shall happen in your life.


Creating my days to be easier during the summer includes fashion that is light and can have different types of airways.  I always think that matter what I wear I have to feel at my most comfortable state of mind.  I Love my Jumpsuit from Coco’s Fashion (CocoClifton.com).  The boutique overhauls the cutiest things for any occasion.  Wedges and sandals are a liking for everyone this season especially for myself I love summer shoe designs.  I added my gladiator coach sandals that I truly feel like I can run anywhere with especially after my little Cutiez.  Running for me has become a fulltime job so why not do it fashionable.  Accessories are your statement pieces that cause the it factor so you have to make sure that it gives it that pop of color or that enhanced look.

My Diary readers, I will always like a trend but I eternally think that you are your own stylist that can design anything.  You are your own sculpture that can be styled to your flavor.  Positively is my new way of living, in with the future out with the past.  Sometimes you have to act blind, never over talk and make sure to hear everything that is positive no longer negative for this mommy.

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