Shopping with a Creative Soul

Oh Dear Diary, I tend to spend a lot time planning and dreaming of creating my next step.  When it comes down to my wardrobe it’s so unthinkable I manage to style myself with great pieces.  I love anything that is unique and budget friendly.  Many stores can create a comfortable and trendy look.  For some favorites I include Forever 21, Macy’s, Mandee, Bloomingdales, Coco Fashion, NeimanMarcus and many more. For online stores Asos, Nasty Gal, and Sexy Dresses are my favorite especially with the summer looks.  I will forever love shopping anywhere that I can make a statement look.

I adore lace that be displayed in any occasion.  Lace has become one of the most worn styles from dresses to casual shirts lace is making a mark in my Mommiez world.  I loved how my top from Forever 21 made my outfit look up-to-date with a vintage twist.  The shorts that I wanted to pair the top with were from Mandee’s I wanted a pair of fitted shorts to play around with my Cutiez.  Off course for the pop of color I included Forever 21 mint colored earrings.  As for my petite feet I shopped at Bloomingdales and purchased my most favorite sandals by Michaels Kors.  My sandals are so comfy that I can really walk a distance with them.  I state every time that comfortable is the way to go in my lifestyle because that to me brings your inner self-confidence.

My Diary readers, I think that you can accomplish a style by always trying to look your best for any event.  I love adding colors that can display the season.  I enjoy my mornings with my Cutiez and try to have eventful days. I love the colorful style from Children’s Place they have little t-shirts that are so stylish with the sharpest logo’s in the front.  If you want an easy and playful look for your little ones I recommend Children’s Place. I have to say that being a mommy is a blessing that comes with style.

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