Dear Hannah Happy 1st Birthday Hosted by And Kyrzayda Rodriguez (Glam Fairy)


Oh Dear Diary, a style is created a woman is meant to display it.  Dana Prigge ( alongside Kyrzyda Rodriguez celebrated the birthday bash of Dear Hannah Boutique one year Anniversary in the city of Hoboken, NJ.  I was pleased to attend the fashionable shopping affair.  With amazing Music by DJ TavaLuv and incredible food by Little Town NJ, Boa Hoboken Sushi Lounge and Joseph Cuccia Catering Inc. However the amazing cupcakes by Magnolia Bakery made my shopping a little easier. I was pleased to have the delightful wine by Drew BarryMore (BarryMore Pinot Grigio).


Dear Hannah is an instrumental store that allows anyone to create diverse looks with a great tag.  Why not evolve become a strong fashion icon within yourself.  Learn how to play around and challenge that person within you.  Creating is a women’s ability.  A woman is already born with amazing talents.  So I can definitely say that Dear Hannah has a canvas of fashion statements.

My Diary readers, dream with the greatest imagination.  A hanger is given to us, and what do we do? Create a closet, why not have our own dream boutique and shop at Dear Hannah. Bring to life your inner Diva and laugh every second of life make friends and family you lifestyle.

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