My love for a Maxi shirt with a Crop top

IMG_6665Oh Dear Diary marks of your looks can become a statement that can last in anyone’s diary.  Make sure to style yourself in what you believe is the look of your moment.  I truly love the maxi skirts with the crop tops.  Seriously it was made for Mommiez like myself.  I tend to love anything with patterns and of course your black and white always makes a testimony traditional look.  With the summer heat waves the crop tops gives the refreshing air that I need to enjoy my summer days.  I immediately gravitated to the maxi skirt that gave me a classy look that I was looking for.  In addition I added one of my favorite colors for the summer, which is Coral I feel like the Coral color is a pop of color that you need in your style. For my hair I love a summer wave its my go to style.

Fashion My Look :

Crop Top Lace: Coco Fashion

Maxi Skirt: Coco Fashion 

Shoes: Mandee

Necklace: Coco Fashion 

IMG_6645 IMG_6698

My Diary readers,  refreshing is the way to enjoy life, so get a bite of your favorite career and make it happen.  Chase only what you believe in not what you think believes in you.


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