Thomas F. La Vecchia Book Signing Author of the X Factor

Oh Dear Diary, using your power for good not evil.  That was a quote that Thomas La. Vecchia used when he talked about his book.  I attended the book signing for The Thomas F. La  Vecchia (The X Factor) in Bridgewater, NJ and it was an event that you wouldn’t want to miss.  Thomas spoke with inspiration that touched everyone he made sure to prove points that some of us needed to hear. A humble man came with advice that can be carried throughout life.

Fulfilling has to be a description that you feel after you read The X Factor.  You become invested to make dreams your reality and spoil a little bit in what life should be not what it could be.  The power of I can, really surface to life when you read The X Factor.  In life you receive advice so why not read about how to guide you and your peers through a successful path.  Building a path for yourself or your family is what remains as a stable foundation.  Never stay on what if, look forward and say I did.  Negativity is not a way to carry a successful career positive thinking is what overcomes any obstacle.  Thomas has created a path for others to follow.

My Diary readers, Trusting is what motivated Thomas from worrying days to talking to an audience about his journey in success. Thomas put his words of wisdom to the world in a book that guides you to success.   Sitting in the audience hearing Thomas speak allows me to understand why living your dreams and making smart moves is the way to live life.  In my Mommiez world I go through ups and downs everyone knows that life comes with struggle. If you read The X Factor or hear Thomas at one of his book signings you will understand that you can become very content if you just use your power in a path of positivity.

A Mommiez Fashion Diary Recording Live:

Youtube: The Sales Expert Thomas F. La Vecchia

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