👗A Mommiez Fashion Diary🍼 Pick’s for Best Dressed✨(Mejores Vestidos) Premios Juventud 2013

Oh Dear Diary, Latinos are made to create an impact.  Premios Juventud 2013 aired and truthfully made a fashion grand entrance on new trends and upcoming talents.  I melt when I  hear live performances and especially to see fashion on the red carpet.  What girl doesn’t live for fashion?  I can’t think of one especially because all women create their own style.  If it’s to your liking or not everyone is set to make a bold look that makes you look at least once.

I will never leave the men behind they can catch anyone’s eye with their clean-cut up looks. When I hear that there is an up coming event in the Latin world I immediately tune in.  It’s a must see for me I fall in love with the trend it’s no only sexy it truly captivates your attention.  For some of my favorite looks I can say that I love unique and expressive and not the usual mannequin looks.

For performances Pit Bull and Jennifer Lopez created a platform of true artist and owned the stage.  With music that had my little Cutiez bouncing of the walls.  Marc Anthony always steals my heart and makes so much sense to what life should be about “Celebration”.  Thalia like always expresses through her music and it comes to life. The newest COVERGIRL Becky G Mexican-American 16 year-old beauty performed to her peek and I loved every second of it.

My Diary readers don’t ever think that dreams are too big to accomplish.  Don’t ever think that no one believes in you.  The only thing that you should think of is how to embrace the power that you have within you to make anything possible.

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