I love to Wear Pink with my summer shorts💖

Oh Dear Diary, I feel inspired to dress the part inspired to catch my own attention.  I look forward to a world that I can judge myself.  Gaze freely to a world full of self-owned fashion.  I dear the summer climate but most of all the fashion that inspires me to create diverse looks with.  Days and days go by and the summer becomes shorter so I feel free to rock my look despite the rainy and muggy days.

Fashion My Look:


A Mommiez Fashion Diary (Yessenia Ramos)

TOP: Mandee

Shorts: Mandee


Earrings: Forever 21

Bracelet: Pandora

Lipstick: Maybelline Shocking Coral

My Diary readers if there is water this mommy needs to make an appearance with the little Cutiez.  So I make sure to keep them cool for the summer beautiful days in style.  Create inspiration to last you a life time.

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