Telemundo Buenos Dias New York with Kyrzyda Rodriguez styling Business looks

Oh Dear Diary, dressing the part is always essential, mainly when you are going on an interview. ¬†The main thing that they grasp is what you have on. ¬†Your desire is to make a statement without trying too hard or over doing it. ¬†¬†Whether it’s the classic business suit or something that stands out a little more like a dress.¬† Always dress with something comfy that you know will bring your confidence out. ¬†Kyrzyda Made sure to have different looks especially for a new generation.¬†With fair makeup done by MUA Jessica Marti.

Conquered and why not dress the part.  Looking astounding and professional allows you to look untouchable.  Whether you are a new graduate or an entrepreneur looking adequate is a way to get a job.  Making sure that your dark colors still pop allows you to have classic apparel.  Kyrzyda created three specific looks for a college new graduate, a businessman on a global world, and a corporate women.

My Diary readers, Life is delicious I love to serve myself a tall glass of inspiration.  I feel like everyone creates his or her own revolution.  Telemundo is world full or true talents that air with creativeness.  When talent surrounds you dreams are raised to a higher degree.

Watch Live :  Youtube


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