Telemundo Buenos Dias New York with Kyrzyda Rodriguez styling Business looks

Oh Dear Diary, dressing the part is always essential, mainly when you are going on an interview.  The main thing that they grasp is what you have on.  Your desire is to make a statement without trying too hard or over doing it.   Whether it’s the classic business suit or something that stands out a little more like a dress.  Always dress with something comfy that you know will bring your confidence out.  Kyrzyda Made sure to have different looks especially for a new generation. With fair makeup done by MUA Jessica Marti.

Conquered and why not dress the part.  Looking astounding and professional allows you to look untouchable.  Whether you are a new graduate or an entrepreneur looking adequate is a way to get a job.  Making sure that your dark colors still pop allows you to have classic apparel.  Kyrzyda created three specific looks for a college new graduate, a businessman on a global world, and a corporate women.

My Diary readers, Life is delicious I love to serve myself a tall glass of inspiration.  I feel like everyone creates his or her own revolution.  Telemundo is world full or true talents that air with creativeness.  When talent surrounds you dreams are raised to a higher degree.

Watch Live :  Youtube

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