Kalyn Braun Swimwear Fashion Show and Swimwear Launch Produced by Bridget O’Brien of Bridget O’Brien PR

Oh Dear Diary, on July 29th I attend Stitch, in NYC a gorgeous lounge.  The event was exceptional Stitch was the perfect place to showcase an extraordinary swimwear line.  Kalyn Braun from Big Rich Texas hosted her swimwear line launch party and made it woman’s paradise.  Kalyn looked beautiful in one on Jazmin Brown’s Dezanti Collection. Jazmin dressed Kalyn to make her look like the center of attention.  A look that only Jazmin can design.   The event included multiple vendors that displayed gorgeous pieces that can be costumed made.  Pieces that have no hidden beauty, everything was exceptional.

I swear my heartbeat was rushing to see some of the summer looks that where available to be purchased after the show.  Wonderful night full of well-known journalist and photographers that rocked amazing fashion to great Kalyn swimwear launch.   Not to mention the guest that arrived looked so fashionable.  Kalyn made her point with her swimwear looks. The swimwear was fresh and young for any occasion.  Every single piece grabbed your attention because they were statement pieces.

My diary readers, the night ended with a fabulous launch and a real life swimwear for any shape or beauty.  Kalyn managed to accessorize every swimwear to look untouchable and wearable for a pool party or just a tanning day at the beach.  So just remember my Beauties and Mommiez make every single piece of sand a new dream to conquer and make it reachable.  Never give up on what is destined for you.

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