Urban Gypsy “I Love New York” Celebration fashion Show By Celebrity Designer Jason Christopher Perters

Oh Dear Diary, I attended the Sky Room in NYC on August 6th to celebrate with Urban Gypsy’s I Love NY Celebration Featuring Fashion Show by Jason Christopher Peters. The atmosphere was breath-taking a place that allows you to capture beauty just by its view.  The night came with fantastic weather and incredible individuals that embraced a glorifying night.

Learning how to vive with your designs is an easy task for Celebrity Designer Jason Christopher Peters.  Being open to designing permits Jason to create freely and seize his love through his projects.  His brand speaks for itself with an inspiration to live out loud.  Peter states, that he was inspired by Madonna’s I love New York, song.  So believe me, the designs were made for a runway with original bejeweled eye patches, elaborate hair and makeup.  Jason described his creative side and conquered his audience with his passion for creating.

My Diary readers, a blissful night can influence your world so make sure to take that power to impact your purpose.  Believe that the sky is far for a reason and created to admire.  My Beauties and Mommiez the world is the one you need to conquer.  Make sure to wish upon success and live on your own credibility not someone else’s judgment.

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