Fall Fashion Show 2013 Hosted by DailyFashionista at Bloomingdales

Oh Dear Diary, I’ll never be the same after looking at the different styles that the fall has to showcase.  Fashion allows a Fashionista to evolve.  I love fashion that creates a book not a story. Dana Prigge (DailyFashionista.com) hosted an inspirational upcoming fall line at Riverside Square Mall in Hackensack, NJ. The stylish guest where mesmerized to see what we could style for this upcoming fall.  Fabulous drinks alongside Nestlé chocolate for the guest made us feel spoiled.

Dana Prigge accomplished bringing fashion to life.  I feel like you can’t fool yourself about not having a love for fashion.  The gorgeous Fashionistas at this event where taking notes and making sure to pay close attention to the upcoming trends. One day we are here the next we are not.  Why not shop up to date and become the biggest brat and style everything to your taste. Color blocking is the best way to bring fall fashion to a new level.  Style you with pieces that no longer bring out the summer heat only a chilled breeze.  From shoes to hand bags everything was styled with a love for fashion.

My Diary Readers, I might shop a little more than I should.  However, I left Bloomingdale’s with a new creative soul for fashion looks.  Give yourself everything to reach for the stars.  Make it no secret that life is rewarding when you have right team by your side in the path of conquering the world.

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