My Summer With New York City

Oh Dear Diary, my summer with New York City has become a dream of mine that needed to be accomplished.  I was always thought about living in the land that was known to create dreams.  I traveled to New York City as a young girl very minimal and every time I was in the city I thought that dreams came true.  I love the different styles that New York City has.   You almost feel like you don’t need to fit in, you just do. Styling in New York comes easy because I feel like it’s a city made to capture your style.

Fashion My Look:

Shirt: Coco Fashion (Crop Top)

Skirt: Mandee

Sandals: DSW (Similar)

My diary readers so with this diary entry all I can say to my dreamers is empower the mistakes and celebrate your success.  Fashion your red carpet and make your style your daily events.  Your surrounding needs to be positive with loyalty stamped with it.

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