💄I live for Make Up For Ever💋

Oh Dear Diary, I was able to enter the world of the fabulous new location of Make Up For Ever in the Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, NJ.  I loved the great atmosphere especially the artist.  The work that they create is made for fashion shows and to be displayed on photo shoots.  I came in with my little Cutiez and they made me feel as if I was having a Mommiez pampering day.  They allowed me to be free in my decisions but gave me their expertise advice.

Aqua Cream # 13 Long lasting, Creamy and Waterproof my three favorites

Aqua Cream # 12  A rich color with one application and it gives you the finished look.  Long lasting, creamy with no creases.

HD Foundation #128  An incredible Liquid foundation made for a camera.  Any imperfection can be hidden by the built up of the foundation.  

HD Concelear #350Made to hide imperfections on any type of camera.  Enhance the eye area removing any lines or unwanted wrinkles.  Gives you the bright, uplifting look.

Compact Shine on #6 Allows texture to remain flawless, oil-free, a retouched finish with no computer effects.

HD PrimeSoftens, moisturizes the skin before the makeup is applied.  Protects your skin like a shied allowing the makeup to be smooth and glide through your face very easily.

HD Powder A three-time award-winning universal translucent finishing powder that is applied to your face after the foundation. It can be applied alone with no makeup on and give you the fresh look you are looking for.  Seriously the best thing invented!

Sculpting Powder #2 The best little kit designed, I swear you can do so many tricks with this little kit.  Contouring to sculpting your face.  From light to dark you can easily use it for different techniques.

Eye & Blush #138  I love that it has a pigmented long-lasting wear because it can be used for multi purposes. So I loved that my eyes and cheek bones were untouchable with Make Up For Ever.

Sculpting Blush #22 Amazing hint of life that is given to your face.  Especially for any occasion you can really become obsessed with any shade.

Star Powder #246 Under Brow Made for any type of skin to give the glow that you need.

My diary readers, in today’s world we only have one assignment.  Creating our lives being able to say, “I did” not what if.  Let’s live in a world that you can say I’m living it and did it.  Give yourself that magic to design extraordinary careers.  Thank You to Make Up For Ever for being true artist and allowing me to have flawless makeup for NYFS with Michael Costello.

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