Curling My Blonde Locks Summer Waves

Oh Dear Diary, summer waves are my favorite fast and easy.  I use to always use my curling iron with a clip.  Until one day I felt wide-awake with a present that was given to me.  Yes! It was a PINK curling wand.  I can truly say that I love dying and creating new looks.  For some reason these past couple of years I have maintained my blonde color and have been obsessed.  I know that the summer is ending the love for my curls are buried deep in this Mommiez heart.  I don’t ever see myself getting tired of the wavy look.  To create this look you must have the right tools.  As a mommy I think that we are always prepared.

The curling wand achieves wonders for my hair! Creating big and small curls. I honestly love it!  Easy to use you get great curls that stay for a long day. I can go to sleep and wake up the following morning to discover that the curls were just as lovely as when I initial did them.  Tamed curls that can last up to 3 days or even more depending on your type of hair. The TRESemme is easy to use and has a nice light mist, so it doesn’t feel thick or ponder down your strands like some products do. When you apply it to your moist hair, just run your fingers through it.  It can be used on dry hair too.  Once I have applied the TRESemme, my hair springs off a nice charming shine.

Indulge into beauty by using the exclusive blend of organix coconut milk to nourish your hair.  With ultra whipped egg white proteins that add the strength and elasticity that your hair needs.  Who doesn’t love nourished hair that is Not tested on animals and made in USA.

My Diary Readers, if you want a long-lasting hold try the L’OREAL Paris Elnett Satin. L’OREAl is an awesome hairspray with great hold. I was so pleased after using it my hair was not hard or dull.  My hair moved with the wind and had added shine. You can brush through your hair and it still feels soft.  My beauties don’t forget to last a long time in adding quality not necessity.  Remember make picture perfect moments with your beauty.



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