MY Secret To MY Success

Oh Dear Diary, books are destined to be read not judged by their cover.  As I mature as a mother I have learned that life is too short to settle on the minor.  No one is born with rules you have to craft as your existence goes on.   I can honestly say that my life has taken turns that I have been blessed by but also been disappointed by.  My mother always grounds me and assures me that my little Cutiez already determine my credibility.  My competitor stares at me in my mirror.  Remember that life is made out of trails and you have to take wrong and right turns to learn from mistakes.

In the darkness light always manages to peek through.  Living positive has become my way of living.  I have surrounded myself these past couple of months by people who want to see me succeed.  Trust me my diary readers; let your heart guide you through the dark days and lead you to your brightest triumphs.

My diary readers, rainbows are created to show us that life has different colors.  We just have to pick one and follow the tracks.  Spoil in what believes in you.  Don’t look for recognition where loyalty is not planted.  Search for the secret that you have to master your creation.

Fashion My Look:


Mandee: Crop Top

Mandee: Boho Skirt

DSW: Sandals (Similar)

Mandee: Fedora Hat

DSW: Clutch (Similar)


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