Bottomless Closet Hosted By Derek Warburton

Oh Dear Diary, a room full of powerful hearts surrounded in the Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC.  As a true fashion lover I attended the Bottomless Closet Charity event.   It’s an organization built to empower women.  Derek Warburton hosted the event like a true gentlemen with his heart on his sleeve.  When life hits you with greatness we celebrate.  Not everyone can consider himself or herself fortunate enough to have a taste of greatness.  I always say never judge a book by its cover.  In this case don’t judge my Fashion Lovers for the greatness in their hearts.

My diary readers, Dana Prigge, Audrienne Lauren, Kyrzda Rodriguez, Derek Warburton, Dara A. Senders and HauteCocktail were part of a life changing moment for women who needed to be inspired or just hugged.  As one of the attendees I was honored to pick two outfits to dress my gorgeous model.  Making her untouchable and powerful to overcome any obstacle that might overshadow her happiness.  Women are known to have a sense of compassion. So for a room full of women with shattered stories we came together and shined like true stylist, journalist, and most of all friends.  Cherish every moment live for today and build for tomorrow.

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