Macy’s Shop For A Cause

Oh Dear Diary, On August 24, I was part of the Macy’s Shop For A Cause. Find the magic of giving was hosted at Macy’s in Menlo Park Edison, NJ. Social Magazine, TV Asia, Desi Talk, AA Studios, Dulhan, Expo, and Asia Tribune made sure that everyone enjoyed their afternoon. The participating charities offered enjoyment and entertainment for everyone. Hand painting to shopping assistance was given to the welcomed guest.  Everyone appeared to have a smile to come together and support a great cause. Fashion and music come together and you have a perfect day.

My son Jayden Perez made an appearance with me to celebrate giving back.  He enjoyed the amazing performance by the Navrang Dance Academy.  With creative dance moves the girls managed to capture their audience.  Jayden really enjoyed the great performance by the astonishing Justina Valentine.  Justina performed like a true artist.  With her album dropping on September 23, 2013 Justina made sure to bring the audience in and fall in love with her passion and talent.  I think that everyone was thinking like me, “Where Can I get that CD”? True talent is what spells out when you hear Justina perform.

My diary readers  don’t ever forget about the magic that you have to fashion a new aspiration.  Fill your life with positivity and let go of any undesirable feelings.  Join your dreams and transform into a believer to overcome any difficulty. ” I can’t” is not a way of life,  “I did” is a way of building for your destiny.


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