GoodBye August Hello September

Oh Dear Diary, spending significant time together can become very demanding in my household.  I enjoy long weekends that bring amusement and style along the way.  I don’t tend to be needy, but at times I can be very demanding for family time with the Cutiez.  If life has taught me anything it has to be LOVE. Grip tight to never lose sight of what’s real in life.  Enjoy the waves of true moments that capture memories and build for a prosperous future.

Fashion My Look: 

Guess (Leopard Print Swimwear One Piece) No Longer Available,  Victoria Secret Cover-Up, Mandee Fedora

Life is to short to fear, but it’s never to late to accomplish.  In my life I want to be able to dream like the five-year old.  In my world I want to accomplish like the 26-year-old that writes in this Diary entry.  In my future I want to live my accomplishments.  I always say and do what my heart thinks is right even when my thought get the best of me.  Letting go is a lesson that needs to be learned by my Mommiez/Beauties.  Don’t ever hold anything that wants to be let go.  Hold on to your most honest worth and don’t be mixed in with what others want to make you seem.

My Diary readers become a good judge of character.  Don’t excuse the unworthy, don’t reminisce on the storytellers.  Live life in pleasing yourself and knowing that words are honest among the imitators.  Celebrate life and enjoy building sand castles with the believers.

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