Fachion Bloc & Vice Life Ent. Pre Fashion Week Kickoff (Purple Carpet Edition)

Oh Dear Diary, kicking of fashion week with a purple carpet.   Created by the one and only ButterfliTia (FachionBloc).  With an amazing team ButterfliTia seized the moment and showcased an astounding event.  Alisha Crutchfield & Rae Holiday came with fashion and humor. In the city that I always dream with I was honored to be part of this exclusive event on September 4th.  In a venue that nothing could go wrong at a church in Chelsea, NYC.  Fashion is priceless, but watching your designs hit the runway becomes life changing.   Jayden Perez my son with my beautiful niece Kassadie Reyes were part of the exclusive Fashion show.  Yes! Modeling in the runway with exceptional designs also accompanied by Christopher Lamont editorial models. The designers for the night can be described as couture and distinctive.

I was a little bit nervous not really a lot.  I usually go to fashion shows and cover glamorous events.  In this case I was also on Mommy duty and all my Mommiez know that our Cutiez are always on the top of any list.  From backstage makeup with Selah Cosmetics & Associates to fabulous hair by London Free and Team Hollywood Sensation everything was smooth and desirable.   I surround myself with a small circle so being with my sister and our life partners was exceptional.  Rogers Perez (Photographer) and Alfredo Reyes accompanied us Mommiez to a night full of stars.

Biting your tongue and putting dreams aside is not a lifestyle.  I see it all… I see it now.  Inspiration comes from within and expressions reveal themselves in your path.   He is my fire and I feel like his champion Jayden Perez allows me as his mother to inspire his path and make moves that he will rejoice in one day.  My niece is like my Barbie doll I have two boys and trucks are always on their minds.  Kassadie reminds me that a pure heart leads you to accomplishment.  Watching everyone backstage allowed me to see the hard work and the creation that designers bring to life.  Best of both worlds is what I witnessed. From the starting line to the finish project nothing can compare to the glorifying night.  The vendors came with wine and deserts for a tasteful night.

Celebrities were fashionable and most of all in good spirits to watch the fashion show that created a spark.   Among the stars shined Eric LeGrand with an attitude of positivity and a smile of a champion.  I was also pleased to see The Salon Guy looking sharp like always.  Hit radio show stars attended like The Gossip Game Sharon Carpenter and DJ Special K & Teddy Ted.  Lil Cease made a grand entrance with his smile. Many more attended and enjoyed everything that had a fashion look.

Almond Eyes by 5-year-old Deysha Nelson comes with ambition and revelations of prosperous future.  Creativity comes only in the mind of Deysha Nelson.  The colors were eye-popping and appealing.

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Almond Eyes by 5-year-old By

 Deysha Nelson Fashion 

Passion is read in the designs of Jag & Company everything was untouchable.  My son Jayden Perez was styled with a fashion statement to be remembered.  Colors that were bright and bow ties that created a testimony.

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Fashion By

Jag & Co.

Marsha Williams designs for the little Cutiez.  However, her designs fit like a goddess for the grown and sexy.  Remarkable designs with elegance and sophisticated.

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Chi Chi Vogue Fashion By

Marsha Williams

Kids Sneaker Wear by Erica and Pink Kisses was so creative.  The kids had so much fun in the runway.  The sneakers are made for a runway because they are so original.  The sneakers are the statement piece that allows you to escape into your own style.

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Kids Sneaker Wear by Erica and Pink Kisses

Christopher Lamont has no fear in expression.  Christopher’s designs were breathtaking and extremely Couture.  When he speaks about designing he creates it as he goes because his visions manifest in the runway as pure perfection.

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Christopher Lamont

My diary readers,  No one is better than you.  You reveal what life needs to embrace into the world. Dreamers with no ambition create battles but believers who dream create a destiny.  Age is no longer a number instead it’s a starting point.  Thank you so much to Fachion Bloc for creating dreamlike events.

Fashion My Look:

Feel Like a Goddess with

Reve Boutique 

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