Fashion Week 2013

Oh Dear Diary, New York Fashion Week has always been a wish of mine.  New York City, known as the big apple.  A Mommy in heels like myself exploring the designs that New York has to offer.  I’m inspired to inspire anyone that is willing to believe in him or her and appreciate the love for a city that allows dreamers.  I was part of the Fashion Week 2013 Project Runway show at the rooftop Empire Hotel in NYC.  Irina Shabyeva had gorgeous couture gowns and Long Tran had creative and original designs.

The runway and weather were both tasteful and full of icons.  The guests were part of a night that was imaginative and spectacular with pieces that can only be seen in NYFW.  The Eagle cheerleaders also made an appearance and were stunning,  As usual for me the night was spectacular and full of inspiration.  The Empire Hotel was made to have exclusive events and bring out an amazing after party.

Fashion My Look:

Dress: Coco Fashion

Shoes: DSW

Accessories: Coco Fashion 

My dear readers embrace you and create physically.  Never take anything for granted.  Tomorrow is never promised so make sure that today you fashion your own runway with high expectations. Success is reachable and you are the crafters.

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