Spring/Summer 2014 Collection By Adolfo Sanchez

Oh Dear Diary, loving fashion and fashion week is part of my lifestyle.  Adolfo Sanchez showcased designs with Latin love.  Embracing texture and metallic that can stand on a green grass and illuminate without the sun.   Surrounded by beauty Adolfo shined in his platform that celebrated his Couture Designs. The love for fashion is relatable, but style is unique.  Adolfo Sanchez reminds every fashion lover that risk comes with style.  Remember to believe in yourself and self-worth and your beauty reveals itself.  An event is blissful and an evening is made to pamper.  A style is not temporary it always leaves its mark.  Adolfo Sanchez has made his testimony especially with a Mommy like myself.  We both have a Mexican American decent and have fallen in love with fashion since a young age.

Embark on a mission and make it rewarding.  Cherish every moment and make a memory out of every outfit.  I was surrounded by true beauty.  Fashion creators, fashion lovers, fashion writers.  In New York City extraordinary women surrounded me.  Everyone has a destiny and these women have no fear to create. I was pleased to meet powerful women with projects in the making.  FashionCliamaxx (Elizabeth Marte) Dominican beauty made me believe that anything is possible.  Naty Michele allowed her humble ways to stage why life needs to be cherished.  Among the gorgeous beauties were Kyrzdya Rodriguez, Tamara, Manda Korina, Jessica Marti, and many more.  I was lucky enough to interview both Adolfo Sanchez and the beauty Fashionckimaxx2 ( Elizabeth Marte)

Youtube Channel : MommiezBybel

Adolfo Sanchez


My diary readers take a walk and count your blessing.  Today we are privileged so live for tomorrow in your own fearless creation.  Never take a No always live by a Yes.  Make things happen in your life that can change you forever.  Aspire big and exist even bigger.

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