Uptown Fashion Week Conference SS14

Oh Dear Diary, no bad deed goes unpunished.   I’m so proud to be a mother of two Cutiez that I will raise like true gentlemen. Albania Rosario with the Washington Heights Community and remarkable designers came together to a wonderful press conference.  Altus Café in NYC not only served amazing mouth-watering food, they opened their doors to bring awareness to stop any violence. Michael Costello announces to anyone in need go get help. Getting out is not easy, but your value is much more. With humble hearts the designers discussed the upcoming show September 12th at the United Palace Cathedral, NYC.  That will showcase 12 designers Alexis Arjona, Chalina Couture, Cleon’s Clothing, Diva Davanna, Ferndanda Melo, Johank & Co, Johnny Vincent, Lisa Walton, Manuel Palferez, Michael Costello, Paul Carroll, and Victor Lopez.

Raise your glass high and give yourself a round of applause of self-worth.  Don’t ever let anyone show you that you are not worth it. Don’t ever be a victim or ask yourself “Why me lord”.  Instead give yourself gratitude because in your eyes a vision will be created and manifested in greatness. With fashion a woman is represented so glorify in inner diva in you and learn to celebrate how life could be without being a Victim. United Cathedral represents capture and embracing powerful women that have a destiny of greatness.

YouTube Channel : MommiezBybel

Click Here: UpTown Fashion Week Press Conference SS14

My diary readers don’t ever look for pity and paint a sad story.  Become those women that can conquer and can be humble enough to ask for help and walk away. Help is a 4-letter word, abuse is a 5-letter word, and death is a 6-letter word, let’s be a 7-letter word “empower”.  I will always paint a strong women in your eyes the rest will be history.   Manifest in what joys life has to offer life is to short to never say I did.  In memory of  “I will never forget 9/11”.

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