Uptown Fashion Week

Oh Dear Diary, celebration comes easy but making things happen can become a little challenging.  United Palace Cathedral in, NYC joined forces to make fashion collaboration between 12 designers.   The 12 designers included; designers Alexis Arjona, Chalina Couture, Cleon’s Clothing, Diva Davanna, Ferndanda Melo, Johank & Co, Johnny Vincent, Lisa Walton, Manuel Palferez, Michael Costello, Paul Carroll, and Victor Lopez.  I was happy to join the Uptown Fashion Week Show.  The designers meet the expectations of the viewers.  It was creative and selective.  Every designer had a twist of elegance with pieces that can be loved by anyone.  My attendance was mainly to see one of my favorite designers Michael Costello.  From previous Fashion events I have witnessed his amazing talent. The designers made this Mommy fall in love and raise awareness to stop the Violence and inspire the beauty.

The fashion show demonstrated talent with aspiration to reach a higher status.  The Make Up was done by true talented artist Behind the Scenes Make Up Academy, Taylor River, and many more independent Make Up artists. Taylor River created makeup with picturesque talent. Michael Costello made sure to have him create what he really is known for “Perfection”.  Behind the Scenes Make Up Academy beauty Juliette showed why everyone desires to have her in there contact list. Hair done by the creative soul Cesar Ramirez.

The stories that the designers have are very moving.  I was touched when Johnak & Co. presented her designs and modestly cried.  Fear was is no option rejoicing was the finale.  The displays in the VIP area by Victor Lopez were breath-taking and modeled by true beauty.  Angelisid Miss Santiago US 2013 was made for Victor Lopez gown. With my Mexican heritage I was proud to see the lovely Latina Beauty Ferndanda Melo.  Ferndanda presented designs with modern looks and incorporating traditional Mexican colors.  Making it big in a world full of artist won’t be a task for all 12 designers.  There designs have already made an assertion.

Victor Lopez 

Diva Davanna

Chalina Couture

Manuel Palferez

Cleon’s Clothing

Johnny Vincent

Johank & Co.

Alexis Arjona

Paul Carroll

Ferndanda Melo 

Lisa Walton

Michael Costello LIVE Interview (MOMMIEZBYBEL)

My diary readers making ideas happen should always be on the top of you priority list.  Never let go of you inspiration, always aspire to be greater.  Look in the mirror and congratulate your competitor.  Look forward to greatness.

Fashion My Look:

Dress: Coco Fashion

Shoes: DSW

Ring: Coco Fashion

Head Piece: Princess P. Jewelry Co.

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