Jazmin Brown’s New York Fashion Week



Oh Dear Diary, a night full of events during fashion week.  My last stop of the day was Jazmin Fashion Show on September 10th.  I was unable to see the finale a long day made this mommy have to run off to the Cutiez.  You can checkout my favorite photographer Lora Warnick to see Jazmins Designs.   While I was there I was amazed to see Jazmin in action.  Jazmin smile said everything and illuminated Stitch in NYC.  15-year-old well-known Fashion Designer was showcasing her Fall Collection for the first time during New York Fashion Week.  Yes! A 15-year-old this beauty is living her hard work pay off.  The collection included couture pieces inspired by the city that everyone dreams of NYC.

Many guest came out to see the highly talked about 15-year-old designer.  Jim Jones mother (Mama Jones) gladly made an appearance alongside Nick Tangorra, and Jersey Shore Angelina Pivarnick.  Yes! They all hit the red carpet in style.  Jamzin looked impeccable in her blue sparkly outfit.   Jazmin Brown is a young lady full of inspiration.  Extremely humble and appealing to her audience.

My diary readers pealing fear allows any dreamers to become a champion.  Don’t ever let judgment steer you the wrong way.  Let your passion steer you into your fortune.  We live life to indulge not to regret.  Chase the fears and enjoy the reward.

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