Nick Tangorra Not So Sweet Sixteen

Oh Dear Diary, turning 16 is always considered to be a big number. Nick Tangorra made sure to celebrate big at the Dave & Busters in Flemington, NYC a SOLD OUT event.  My two Cutiez Jayden Perez, and Josiah Perez accompanied me.  Rogers Perez (Daddy) was also there being my right hand man as my photographer” best team ever”.  With a room full of his fans Nick Tangorra allowed everyone into his world.  The crowd celebrated his birthday and partied with Nick.  Everyone in the room either cried or craved to touch him.   Nick Tangorra, Rafe Tangorra, and Will Ahrens  have created a band that is being talked about all over the world. Gus Kalin was one of the guitarists of the night with extreme talent.  They are all tremendous musicians that rocked the Dave& Busters.  Remarkable, uplifting, and shocking are some of the words that I felt during the performances. Singing  Happy Birthday to Nick was a fans loved moment as his mother brought out the cake.

Performances include young talent by Christian Guardino, Lucki Gurlz, and Taylor Belle.  Christian Guardino lives with LCA, which doesn’t allow him to see well.  His incredible voice allows you to see right through him and this Mommy wishes him nothing but the best.  Lucki Gurlz a gorgeous group of gurlz with talent piercing out of everywhere.  I enjoyed the exclusive moves they had and their unique charisma.  Taylor Belle a sweetheart with a voice of an angel. Trish Torrales, and Robbie Rosen from American idol also performed and were outstanding.  With heartwarming performances the SDK boys came out; Joey Gatto, JoshSobo, Jonah Green, Mann (Adam,Nick,Nolan),  RyansAverageLife (Ryan Abe), SantagtoTV (Joe Santagato)and wished Nick a Happy Birthday.  The young designer Jazmin Brown also came out to celebrate with Nick and enjoy the amazing concert.

My diary readers with a young talented generation you see a bright future. Celebrating triumph with loving fans and best of all a family that works together.  These young talented artists are in the path of success.  Make sure to surround yourself by believers not imitators.  Encourage one another for a future full of fortune.  Happy not so sweet sixteen birthday Nick.🎈

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