Oh Dear Diary, on September 15, 2013 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City I was pleased to join the Founder of Beauty With Pure Purpose Dana Roberts Ross.  Hosted by Hip Hop Legend Roxanne Shante a breast cancer survivor who smiles throughout life. Joining her were Kayla Martell, Miss Delaware 2010 and 2011 and alopecia advocate Miss America Finalist.  Dana Roberts Ross is a woman who brings awareness to the world about Cancer and Alopecia. A fashion show with Alopecia and Cancer survivors allows you to see the beauty behind the pain. The National Alopecia Areata Foundation and The National Breast Cancer Research Foundation were the beneficiaries of the event.   I was honored to be part of a day that celebrated the beauty.  No masks on, true living survivors.

Celebrity stylist James Corbett founder of Hair2Help styled the women on the runway.  One of the most remarkable things that James Corbett provides is free hair/spa days in his salon, for cancer patients and their caregivers. Celebrity Designers Jhoanka & Co, SophistaFunk, Marco Hall, Duckie Confetti, Sonjja Baram, and Sebastian Threadz donated to help women with alopecia and breast cancer.   Celebrity models Nuvo TV Curvy Girls star, Ivory May, Fitness Instructor/Model Charity Lynette, and Bravo TV’s Millionaire Matchmaker Robin Kassner came out to support the amazing cause and walked the runway.

Women living with cancer and Alopecia need to be recognized for their struggle and embraced with help.  Rooms full of women made me feel overwhelmed with emotion; knowing that this disease still has not limitations.  Being a woman I recognize this disease “ Cancer & Alopecia” is targeted towards us.  Surrounding yourself with uplifting individuals allows you to fight hard and overcome the fear. Letting go of the terror will allow you to realize that you are beautiful despite the disease.  Routine checkups are very important so please make sure that you keep yourself healthy and never regret anything.

Fashion My Look:

Mandee: (The pants, Shirt, and Blazer OOTD)

Purse: Christian Louis Vuitton

Necklace: Juicy Couture

Bracelet: Coco Fashion

My diary readers love you.  Learn how to put yourself first and never fear tomorrow.  In life we are given a path.  Sometimes it’s not the one we would choose, but with every breath that we take we should consider ourselves privileged.  Don’t ever think that life has a shadow over you.  Instead live in the light that is intended for you.  My world as a woman is defined in the beauty that my mother has given me.  My determination is powerful because of the love that my sister has given me.  So as three grown women today I tell you my diary readers.  Don’t let life give you wings before it’s time to go.

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