💗October Breast Cancer Awareness Month💗

Oh Dear Diary, a woman is born to have battles along her lifetime.  I grew up in a home that wasn’t illness free.  I feared a lot just because my father was a sick man.  I always thought that the day will come and he wouldn’t be there to see my first-born.  Growing up not being aware of how dangerous some diseases were made me very oblivious to some of the outcomes in my childhood.  As a young girl I feared death.  I feared losing my loved ones.  I grew up knowing that we all had an expiration date.  However, I have never grown to understand why!

As an adult today the strong women that surround me have inspired me.  I come from a place of YES!  Never settle always reach for the best.  My grandmother, mother and sister are the three women that have helped me to be the women I’m today. They are really the fashion accessories that I can’t live without.   That is why as women we need to get checked. Make sure to get your annual mammogram.  Don’t let cancer rule your existence.  There are so many facilities that allow you to be vulnerable and get the help that is needed.  Become your ruler and follow your fears and overcome them.  Get you monthly check ups.

My Diary readers, cancer has no age or sex it comes with no race or preference. Cancer is known to be deadly, but remind yourself that you are a beast when it comes to overcoming.

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