Booties Transition To The Fall

 Oh Dear Diary, my shoes have my heart.  The beginning of a new season is the perfect time to accessorize recycled summer shoes.  I want to be able to transition them to the fall.  A cute booties always goes a long way in your wardrobe.  Leggings and a long blouse, adds to the chic look.  As a Mommy I have to trend and run around so why not in a Mommy fashionable style.

These ankle boots are adorable and very comfortable.  It comes in two different shades taupe and beige. From now on I believe that every shoe should come with super cute designs and comfort.  Elegance is also a key, a perfect look to in your wardrobe. These little cuties have a zip up in the back and have all designs all of the shoe that covers with lace.  This makes the shoe ever flattering and able to stretch very easily. The pee toe of the booties adds the sexy fall look without being so covered.  The leather makes the shoe look like a fantasy.

Fashion My Look:

Mandee: Shoes

Macy’s: Jeggings

Anniesez: Shirt

Juicy Couture: Necklace

Forever 21: Earrings 

My diary readers rock your look.  Don’t let anyone discourage you from your identity.  Don’t ever get sidetracked by non-believers.  Somebody will tell you everyday that it’s not easy.  Make sure that you tell yourself I can do it.

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