See Style In Black and White: Leather With Leopard

Oh Dear Diary, fall is here and the leaves are everywhere.  My favorite season, I love the changes that the fall brings.  With no warning a transition takes into place.  Getting use to the Jersey weather can be hard but knowing that Jersey has this Mommy’s heart makes it easier for me.   The fall trends are very appealing.  I swear if I could shop for a living I would. Well I’m a lucky girl and I really just do it.  Black and white are a description of myself.  I see no difference in having the same passion that everyone does in fashion.  To me it’s all a dream, to breath and talk about the fashion that I really love.

A vintage leather jacket for the fall climate is so the way to go. Leather is the sexy fall trend.  I paired the skinny jeans with an animal print top just to give it a twist of rock.  I love heels, Yes they hurt but a fashionista knows how to werk it.  As for shoes my leather booties are they to go.  The season has fallen in love with the cutest booties.  Mine is very chic and still have a comfortable heel to run after the little Cutiez.  I love the fact that they have a strap to adjust it to either make it tighter or loosen it.  In the fall all my Mommiez/Beauties know that you can’t leave the house without a scarf to describe your entire outfit.  Every woman goes through faces of dress up and dresses down so create your fall fashion phase.  Add a scarf that compliments your outfits and mines is homemade my my Mommy.  Accessorize like a a women in a playground.

Fashion My Look:

Anniesez: Top

Mandee: Skinny Jeans

Joyce Leslie: Ankle Booties

Leather Jacket: Vintage ( A Mommiez Fashion Diary) Closet

Scarf: CutiezWithNietz (Coming Soon)

Mandee: Accessories

Maybelline Lipstick

My Diary readers love everything you do express yourself in your style.  Live in your presence and fashion for tomorrow.  To all my Mommiez/Beauties always know that you can’t do any wrong because this is your style.   Everyone can judge but you are the one creating it your memories.

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