Play Time With The Cutiez In Style

Oh Dear Diary, fall is really unpredictable.  Everyday can have a sunny sky but a cold wind.  Truth is told fall can be considered hot and cold. In order to survive the fall in a fashionable style you should definitely consider layers.  Heavy coats during the fall season could really be overwhelming for you and the Cutiez.  I really think that a way to stay cute and comfortable is by adding clothes that is light and not heavy.

As a  mommy we are full of  tricks,  I like styling a dress with and oversized sweater or shorts with an oversized blazer. Staying comfortable is always the main objective you can be warm but still remain cool.  The park is really my best friend I enjoy everyday afternoon walks and weekend fun.  I think that taking a walk is stress reliever for me.  I get a chance to communicate with my 5-year-old and still have fun. My baby Josiah instead of talking he runs around everywhere.

Fashion My Look: 

Joyce Leslie: Dress/DSW: Sandals/ Mandee: Necklace/Arm Candy/Mandee: SleeveLess Sweater Vest

My Diary readers I always want to see the sunlight.  I don’t ever what my sunshine to stop.  I will never give up and advice you never to stop.  It’s your life achieve what you want.  There is no line for the future that is meant for you.

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