Neutral Look

Oh Dear Diary, It’s Monday and this mommy had a long weekend.  The Cuitiez were a little sick and I wanted to just finally take them out after having tissues everywhere.  The climate is so up and down that you get sick so quickly.  I was able to dress comfortably because it was very sunny and hot during the morning.  We all know that as the day goes on the temperature goes down.  As for my little Josiah I always like to put pants on him because he gets sick very quickly.  As for my cutie Jayden he loves his shorts he thinks that they are made for all seasons.

I love to feel very comfortable during the fall the temperature is so unpredictable.  My style is mine everyone has their twist. I happen to love mine because I consider my self to evolve with the transition of maturing as a woman.  I love the way the fall colors brings light to the trees.  I wanted to sport my cropped jean jacket from Mandees that I love for your 70’s weather. The button down shirt I adore from TJ Maxx (Maxinista) affordable cute mustard color that reflects the fall.  A fitted mini skirt always adds a look of chic paired with knee-high boots. Love your outfits and don’t waist a perfect picture. Accessories are a  mommy’s pleasure because it’s playful and yet very appealing.  A chunky chain with colorful bangles always transcends to a fashionable look.

Fashion My Look: 

Mandee: Cropped Jean Jacket/ TJ Maxx: Shirts/ Joyce Leslie: Skirt

Steve Madden: Boots/ Coco Fashion: Chunky Necklace

Mandee/Forever 21: Bangles mixed

My diary readers with a pleasure of being a mommy comes fears and uncertainties.  Always look to your future never build from a past.  Be certain that you are your ball of courage and your build you movement.

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