Hey Gorgeous

Oh Dear Diary, an entry is made from my heart and a deception is left in your soul.  My spirit is lifted by my children’s smile.  As a mommy I feel like you have superwoman powers.  I swear when times are a little chaotic my boys bring out my brightest smile.  Strength is what a women carries on her back.  Everyone knows that a woman doesn’t accept failure not even as a little girl.  As I dream big I want my children to attain in actuality with their highest imaginings.  I leave a mark in my children, and I stamp a legacy in my outfits.  As I roll through life I don’t want to look back at my neglectors I want to be at my finish line with my believers.

My diary readers make sure that when you fall in love it’s forever.  Make sure when you call someone your friend a seed is planted to grow together.  Most of all make sure that when you are blessed to have children you make sure to tell the world you are untouchable.

Fashion My Look:

Mandee: Skirt

Anniesez: Top

Zara: Shoes

Forever 21: Arm Candy

Lipstick: Riri Woo

Fashion Josiah Look:

Target: Rain Boots

Gap: Jeans

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