I’ll Never Be Royal Just Me

Oh Dear Diary, happiness comes easy always with a simple smile can change your outlook in life.  I tend to look at life as a story that I like to be my own director.  I’m able to edit people out and create a new lifestyle for my cutiez and myself.  I swear when I became a mommy Yes! Life became a little more challenging but also rewarding.  I admire women who teach their children that life has to be experienced and that mistakes will be made. Create a life-changing journey for your children’s future.  I have learned to chain my heart to the reality that the world offers me.  I don’t  fall under the spell of unrealistic.  I want to create my potion of reality.  The Glamorous world can’t change a women like me that has loved it since I was be created in my mother’s womb.  I will leave ashes in the ground so if I’m gone you will never forget about me.

Fashion My Look

Anniesez: Blazer/ Mandee: Dress/ Zara: Shoes

Fashion Josiah & Jayden’s Look:

Jayden H&M: Shirt/ Gap: Pants/Shoes ( Different Color)/ Children’s Place: Tie

Josiah Children’s Place: Shirt (Similar) /Shoes/Tie Gap: Pants  (Similar)


My diary readers don’t ever get caught up in the unworkable.  Always move on from the bad experiences and grow.  Life comes with maturity don’t think that everyone evolves into it.  Have fun with your royal family and don’t ever let any peasants in.  Fashion with your colors and don’t ever care about anyones’ affair.  Be your ruler and call your life a fantasy.


  1. Hey girl!

    Its Rhea from SewStylishRhea.blogspot.com, we met at Simply Stylist I hope you remember me. I’m a mommy to 2 kids too and your blog is absolutely amazing. Love how positive and your energy is through you words and writing, keep doing your thing girl and hope to bump into you again at an event! keep in touch!


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