Big Ang Vh1’s Wine Launch Party “Bigger Is better “

Big Ang Wines

Oh Dear Diary, the past two weeks were very hectic.  My baby boy was not feeling so great and I had to attend to my cuties.  Catering to my little ones is always a priority.   However my little cutie ended up feeling back to his old self in two weeks just in time for the big launch.   I was invited by my wonderful friend Robyn (Illumination PRFirm) to attend Big Ang Wine launch at Tellos in NYC.  I was more than honored to attend because I knew that I was going to be surrounded by my loyal friend Robyn Santiago.

I have loved Big Ang since her cameo on Mob Wives.  Big Ang has a larger than life personality to match mine.  Tellos in NYC celebrated the tasteful launch of Big Ang soothing wine. A wine cake was made to represent the delicious wine.  Alongside mini  cupcakes that showcased Big Ang’s gorgeous lips. I enjoyed the night with some amazing entrepreneurs such as Alisa Maria (TVPersonality/Stylist) and Claudia (Claudia MatrixPR).  The room was filled with great chatter and laughs.  In good companyBig Ang  featured her new wine.  As for flavors she included three; Canernet Sauvignon, Prosecco, Chardonnay.  I was pleased to interview the woman who has captured everyone’s attention. From Mob Wives to her own show Miami Monkey.  I can call her an entrepreneur in a world of men.

 Fashion My Look

Coco Fashion: Dress/DSW: Shoes/Princess P. Jewelry: Necklace /Forever 21: Earrings

My diary readers be yourself never think that being you is not good enough.  By being yourself you make the world become unique.  Struggles will come but at the end you will celebrate your hard work.

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