Vh1’s Big Ang

Oh Dear Diary Readers, get to know the beauty behind Mob Wives and Miami Monkey.  From Long Island to Miami Big Ang is an unforgettable women that is making every girl wish they could party with her.  With a smile Big Ang brings business and family together.

Big Ang everyone calls me the mini you because I have a personality bigger than life.  Do you think that having a personality like ours is better?

I love every thing being bigger than life.

With your hit Show Miami Monkey, how obsessed did you become with the Miami weather?

I loved Miami it was lots of fun and I really do miss it.  I hope that we will see another season.

How was it filming Miami Monkey?

It was lots of fun and very different from Mob Wives it includes a younger group of girls.  However, I love both shows.

On the Show we see that you are not very good at hiring? However you made it seem like you had a purpose for everything?

It was a lot of work because I wanted to have fun and for the girls to have personality.

What can you tell us about your new Big Ang wine?

Oh wow! the wine is amazing not heavy at all and very soothing, I love it!

Everyone loves watching you on Mob Wives are we going to be seeing you?

Yes of course it actually starts December 5.

What can you tell Mommiez/Beauties?

Check out A Mommiez Fashion Dairy!

Thank you so much to Big Ang for allowing me into a glimpse of her world Kisses! Checkout My Instagram For pics MommiezByble 

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